The tiny seed that grew

Tucked in the small village of Moline was a field primed for planting, not with crops, but with a Christian school.  

In 1917, the building that formerly opened its doors to welcome the parishioners of Moline Christian Reformed Church now accepted a group of students.  The tiny seed was planted, and the roots of Moline Christian School began to settle into fertile ground.  

One hundred years have passed.  That tiny seed of forty-nine students has now grown to more than 250 students.  For a century, many families have been blessed with the opportunity for a Christian education in Moline, and the faithful growing continues.  

During the  2016-2017 school year, the current students, teachers, and the community will celebrate 100 years of growth at Moline Christian School.  Plans for a celebration picnic, parade, as well as special days and events for the children and parents are also  under way.