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from the principal's desk

by Kevin sall

Welcome to Moline Christian School!  We teach our students who Jesus is, how they can serve him while attending MCS, and prepare them for a life of service to their Lord even beyond MCS.  Our community is a tight-knit family, one that rallies around the hurting and encourages grace and love to all who enter.  As the principal of MCS, I realized early on that this school is built on the shoulders of giants, those who have faithfully served before me over 100 years ago. 

When my family moved to this community in 2009, we were greeted by more than 30 people who helped us move to a house that needed a lot of work.  Not only did they help us move, they helped with updating the electrical, plumbing, drywall, knocking out walls, etc.  I do not know if I can really capture the love of this community in words.  When working on any project, Moline families show up and get the job done!  This is a farming community, one that is not afraid of hard work and getting their hands dirty.  

Moline Christian School exists because of the grace of God, because of the hearts of the dedicated staff, and because of the commitment of its parents and volunteers.  We come to work each and every day striving to find ways to serve each other and bring glory to God. 

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