ready to enroll?

All fees related to application and enrollment can be paid online.   If, however, you prefer to pay these fees by check, please notify the school office before submitting your application/enrollment.

Enrollment Schedule  for 2021 - 2022 School Year  

          PS, Y5, and K .............................................. Begins January 29, 2021

          Grades 1-8  ................................................ Begins May 1, 2021

Enrolling a new student for the current school year?

  • Complete  a new application  
  • If you prefer to pay the application fee by check, please notify the school office BEFORE submitting your online application.  
  • Once your application has been accepted, the office will need your  current email address on file before you can set up a FACTS Family Portal account.  
  • Log into your FACTS Family Portal, open the Family Information section , and select Enrollment/Re-enrollment

Enrolling a returning student?  

  • Log into your FACTS Family Portal, open the Family Information section , and select Enrollment/Re-enrollment


After completing your child's enrollment, the MCS office will mail additional preschool forms for you to complete.  These forms are required by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services.  

Young Fives

If your child needs updated immunizations, he/she will be required to have those prior to entering in the fall.


Kindergarten students are required to have updated immunizations prior to entering kindergarten.  They are also required to have a vision test within one year prior to entering kindergarten.  Proof of both should be brought to the office before the beginning of school in the fall.  

In need of tuition assistance?

Moline Christian School utilizes the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment program for its K-8 tuition assistance allocation.   If you apply for tuition assistance, a fee will be charged for each application.

To learn more, please refer to the FACTS information on the Tuition & Busing page.   

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If your child needs a form for updated shots with a physical, you may use the Health Appraisal Form.