Middle school philosophy

At Moline Christian School, we view the middle school years as an opportunity to love, challenge, and prepare our students for high school and beyond. We provide an environment where students can safely explore, grow, and learn more about themselves and the world in which they live.

The framework and foundation from our elementary program propels us forward to teach our middle school students how to live their faith day in and day out. It is exciting to see our students grow physically, academically and most importantly, spiritually. Their 8th Grade Faith Projects are an anticipated and inspirational conclusion to their years at Moline Christian School.

Our middle school staff does a wonderful job relating to this age group and brings new challenges to the education of our students, incorporating technology into the curriculum.

middle school academics

We realize the importance of challenging our students to excel by offering a robust, challenging curriculum to help prepare them for high school and future careers.   

CSI Bible

Everyday Math

Houghton Mifflin Language Arts

Cereal City Science

Prentice Hall Social Studies




Band (optional)

Physical Education

Technology integrated into the curriculum

Educational Support Services available to students.

other activities

We balance academics with chapels, intramurals, interdisciplinary units, and assorted mixer events to give students opportunities to mature socially.  

By providing a wide variety of activities and events, we can better help our students discover their particular gifts and talents in a safe and loving environment.  

Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences
Outdoor Education (7th)
Theatrical Play (8th)
Leadership Retreat (8th)
Mini Olympics (K-8th)

Class Trips

Fall Mixer

Spirit Week

Team sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and track)