teaching for transformation

Teaching for Transformation (TfT) is a program that Moline Christian School has been implementing for three years in order to better live our mission "to provide a quality, Christ-centered education, equipping students for a life of service to their Lord."  

The way TfT does this is by encouraging teachers to help students to "see the story, and live the story."  There are 3 core practices that all teachers use to help this happen:  Storyline, Throughlines, and FLEx.  Storyline is a unique classroom theme that each teacher uses to bring all learning back to the overall Biblical story.  Throughlines are a set of common phrases used, and each unit taught is centered around one or two ideas of how Christians are invited to live because of the Biblical story.  FLEx is short for Formational Learning Experience, which are opportunities provided for students to live the ideas they have learned about in their storylines,and practice living one of the throughlines with other people.  

TfT training and highlights

In this third year of implementing the TfT program, all teachers at MCS have started or completed their 2-year training program.  All new teachers in the future will also participate in a 2-year training program to be able to have success in implementing these ideas in their own classroom.  During and after the 2-year training, all teachers will continue to be coached on how to continue to grow in helping their students see and live God's story.  

This year, some highlights include students making contact and building relationships with people in foreign countries, helping the Rusticus family remember a loved one, gathering donations and understanding their importance, students being inspired to change personal habits and behaviors and sharing it with others, many opportunities for service to others, and building connections with many communities and individuals, including in our own local community of Moline.  All of these learning opportunities to "live God's story" happened in connection to the curriculum students learned, as they "saw God's story."

Tft and faith in the classroom

In addition, it is exciting to see teachers and students who have been reinvigorated in their passion for Christian education.  One veteran teacher commented that this year they felt like a new teacher in their excitement for integrating faith into their classroom.  One newer teacher to MCS noted that they felt more comfortable with their teaching because of the opportunities that TfT has offered.  Students have also appreciated and noticed the difference that TfT has made in their own learning.

Some quotes from students:  

"TfT has helped me understand that we don't just have school and then Bible class, but that all of it goes together".

"TfT gives more meaning to all of school".

"Before TfT, we had faith in school, but now it is more deliberate, purposeful, and meaningful".

"Storyline and throughlines help us understand why we do FLEx projects".

"TfT has helped me know that even though I'm a little kid, I can still learn about God";

"My class storyline has helped me see what God wants me to do".

"TfT has helped me understand who God is and how I can walk in his ways".

"TfT has helped me understand God more and what he is doing in us".

"I like it when teachers share their deep hope because it makes it more meaningful and helps us understand why we are learning what we learn".

"TfT has helped me notice things more and make habits in my own life to grown in my faith".

As you can see, Moline Christian School is a community that continues to grow and develop in following its mission.  Teaching for Transformation has been integral in allowing us to do that better.  May these positive situations continue to nurture and cause a kingdom-oriented culture at Moline Christian School.