Our Story

The tiny seed that grew

Tucked in the small village of Moline was a field primed for planting, not with crops, but with a Christian school.

On September 5, 1917, the building that formerly opened its doors to welcome the parishioners of Moline Christian Reformed Church now accepted a group of fifty-eight students.  The tiny seed was planted, and the roots of Moline Christian School began to settle into fertile ground.   What began as a one-room schoolhouse has now grown into a school with over 260 students, multiple classrooms, teachers, and support staff.

In May of 2018, we completed work and dedicated God's Classroom, an outside area across the road from our main building that provides  our students with new and different opportunities to learn.

Over 100 years have passed.  Today we partner with our parents to continue that vision, leaving a legacy of hope for the future.  The investment is substantial.  The reward is eternal.

1917 and 1922

In the beginning

Moline Christian School was established in September of 1917 by an association of Christian parents who wished to provide a Christ-centered education for their children.  The first schoolhouse was an old church building that had been remodeled into two classrooms, and the teacher's desk was perched precariously on a raised platform in the front of the room.  Peak enrollment for this building was 102 students.  

In 1922, a three-room frame structure was erected on the present school grounds.  The site was donated to the school by John and Jake Haveman.  Increased enrollment required a building expansion in 1927 and 1953.  By 1960, the enrollment in this building reached 190 students.  Kindergarten classes were held in the church basement.  

1961 and 1966

In 1961, when it was necessary to enlarge the building again, it was decided to phase out the old building.  A four-room unit of brick construction was built that year to accommodate the upper grades.

In 1966, an elementary wing of six classrooms was added.  This unit contained a kitchen, a double room to accommodate large groups, and a special room for kindergarten.  The old school building was abandoned and razed.  The new building was completely modern and provided ten classrooms for ten teachers in kindergarten through ninth grade.  

During this time, 238 students came from homes throughout the Moline, Wayland, and Dorr areas.  Transportation was provided by public school buses, the Dorr Christian School Society bus, and private cars.  


In 1979, construction of a gymnasium, additional bathrooms, and a new kitchen was completed on the west side of the building.  This addition provided needed indoor space for various activities and school functions.  

Funds to operate the school is supplied largely by tuition paid by parents.  These funds are supplemented by donations from friends of the school.  Additional financial assistance also comes from Moline, Wayland, and Dorr Christian Reformed churches.

Recent additions

A major addition was completed on the west side of the school in 2000.  This addition provided three additional classrooms to house middle school students, a library-media center, and a music room.

In 2006, four additional classrooms were added to the east side of the school.  These rooms are used for our preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students.