School Circle

School Circle is made up of parents of current students who are enrolled at Moline Christian School.  School Circle meets 4-5 times a year to discuss school needs and to fellowship. We welcome new and returning parents to join School Circle and become a part of the community.

Purpose of School Circle

  1. To raise fund for school’s needs. This is accomplished by sponsoring various projects each year.

  2. To organize and sponsor events that further promote and enhance our school

  3. To provide services that aid the classroom and are enjoyed by students.

  4. To provide time for members to fellowship and be informed of school activities. 

Calendar 2022 - 2023


Apple Pie Sale

Annual Fall Auction


Student Christmas Shopping – First Friday of December

Craft Show – First Saturday of December


Sporting Clay Shoot

Family Fun Night

Teacher Appreciation Week

*Additional fundraising opportunities may arise throughout the year.